Hello beautiful people! I have started this journal page to personally connect with the Lord. I want to share with you my heartfelt thoughts and prayer to God. I pray you are blessed by my words and you will find a way to journal your own intimate thoughts and prayers as worship to our most deserving God…

Blessings of Love always…Cindy Towsley

Dear Lord,

Your love is so full of goodness. Shower me with that goodness. The freedom in Christ you provide to me is revealing your great love for your children. You are the only True God! You are the air to my breath. You are the food to my soul. You fill me with your gladness. You restore my joy!

You created me, and chose me as your child. You desire for me to worship you in spirit and in truth. There is no other God nor any other God worthy of praise. You sent for me, your only Son Jesus, to redeem my sinful heart. You provided my Way back to you. You open to me an eternity in your presence.

I am so blessed by your grace. I don’t deserve anything but death and yet, you give me everything and life. When I draw to near to you to worship then you are present there. When I sing praises to your name you delight over me.

As I seek your will you guide my path, and light the way. When I trust in you I find provision. When I pray to you I find strength. As I feast on your word, I find wisdom. Each day I spend abiding in you brings a harvest of eternal joy. My cup is full of your grace, I drink of your love everyday and I never thirst.

Thank you, My Father, that you never ever abandon me. I will swallow up death with you present in my heart forevermore. I love you Lord!