It’s Not About Me!

Philippians 1:6
God is the one who began this good work in you, and I am certain that he won’t stop before it is complete on the day that Christ Jesus returns.

So what is this “good work” God has begun in me that I read about in the book of Philippians? Paul tells me it will be completed ON the day that Christ Jesus returns and that “God” is The One who began that good work and “God” will be The One to complete that good work in me.

2 Corinthians 5:17
New Living Translation
This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

Ok…that makes it easy to figure out then that “the Good Work” began at salvation and will be completed when I am with Christ in eternity. Pretty clear to me the good work He has begun has zero, notta, absolutely nothing, to do with my capabilities as a human or my talents or lack of talents. But it has everything to do with God and who He is.

As christians, The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ are at work as One God within us. It isn’t about me or you or our lives. It’s about how God wants our lives to be finished in Him.

Most of my christian walk I have spent trying to find God’s will for my life. I have lived trying to always be the perfect christian trying to please and gain the approval of a perfect God by how I was serving Him. That my friends, I now know, is an impossible unrealistic and sinfully selfish viewpoint I held. It was a complete mask of deception. I had unknowingly at that time made my walk all about me. But it “Ain’t About Me” and it never was nor will it ever be.

While my intentions may have been good my viewpoint was very misguided. I deceivingly thought of God as this Commander in Chief who was trying to put together an army of perfect children who would perfectly obey all His rules and do as He required in His manual. Afterall, that was what pleased Him. That was what I thought what I was tricked in my mind to believe. Can I now tell you what happened at the end of that soldier’s service? That soldier found herself completely exhausted, burnt out and trapped in the darkness of a deep depression. She was pouring herself out every moment of every day, serving and doing everything in the name of the Lord. So she believed. She took on every Church task that came her way and before long she completely burned herself out. She just wanted to serve God with all her heart, soul mind and strength. She wanted to please Him and be used greatly by Him with her gifts and talents. All of that sounded good right? But her heart was being greatly deceived. She was believing a bald face lie. At the discovery of that lie, she looked and saw herself and who she was trying to be and how she was trying to serve to gain God’s love and approval. She never felt good enough in herself. She had never known a love like God’s before and didn’t believe she deserved to have it…that soldier…She became ill from trying to earn God’s love in her own strength because God’s love is a free gift that requires we do nothing for it. This burnt out soldier found she was of no use for anyone. Most especially, she was of no use for The God she loved and longed to serve. Her service was found to be in vain. The lie she discovered was her serving her own ideas of how the manisfestation of God should be happening in her life…instead of just serving for God’s ideal happening of His manisfestation she was hindering herself and her walk with God. The lie was it was truly all about her and what “she” wanted God’s will to be in her life not about God’s will period.

God doesn’t want perfect soldiers He wants children. Children that love Him because He first loved them. Children with whom He can sanctify and grow the relationship between them into complete oneness with Himself. He wants children who will surrender over their wills to become His will. He is the only, One True God, who can lovingly and who purposefully can reflect His character to the world through them. God wants us to come to Him like little children, selflessly abandoned to a complete dependence on Him.

In other words, God does not wish us to hinder ourselves, seeking grandiose ideas of ways we want Him to use us. Rather, God, wants us to humble ourselves and surrender to His ideas of “However” and “Whatever” way His will is to be done. He wants for us to join Him there. He isn’t seeking our perfection but He is seeking to make us more and more One in relation to Him, which leads us to becoming more and more Holy and perfected in His likeness.

What has this soldier learned… I have learned that this christian life is a journey. One that the scriptures say will not be completed until the Day that Jesus Christ returns. I have learned God created us for a purpose and that purpose is that we worship and glorify Him…for who He is… and for “whose” we have been chosen to be.

I can see today, the journey without the lies. I can see that when we selflessly serve Him without restrictions or ideas then we are perfectly accomplishing His will. And it’s then I know… it’s not about me!

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