My Best Life For Eternity

Today, I visited The Free life Church in Forney. It was a message about living your best life now. Again, a very timely message for me to hear. I love the beauty of the body of Christ known as The Church. The diversity of cultures and people that were there worshipping Jesus Christ was beautiful. No matter where we go the body if Christ is one body made up of many people. We can find God anywhere we seek Him. The message reminded me of our eternity. The Pastor spoke about how we all tend to live life for us focused on our short time we have on this earth… But without a thought of how we will spend more time living out our life in eternity. It’s so true. We tend to think we have a good 80 to 100 years if we’re blessed to live out our lives. Then we die and it’s all over. We do everything we can to experience our short time hear without the thought we will spend a gatrillion gazillion lifetimes living in eternity in the New Jerusalem. None of us will ever die forever. We will die and either we will live out an eternity in heaven or an eternity in hell. We live our life and it’s but a vapor we have to live it here. Those who know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior will die for a season until they are resurrected again with Christ to live out an eternity with Him in the New Jerusalem. The new place He has been preparing for us. If Christ has gone to prepare a place for us to spend eternity with Him what are we doing to help Him. What are we doing to invest in our eternity? Are we living our best life surrendered and sold out for Christ, serving Him and serving others who we will spend an eternity there? I confess I am not doing my part being 100% sold out for eternity. I am far from living my best life. I honestly serve myself more than I serve others. I spend more time doing what I want to do then doing what Christ wants me to do. It’s a message God is driving home hard to me. A message I need pounded on my heart. Changes are needed from within me. Changes of perspective from the now to the eternity needs to happen. Lord Jesus, I surrender to serve you with all that I am and all that I have. I want to be used by you…I want to do your will not my own. I want to serve others more than myself. I want to help others find their best life too. It has to start with me first. I can only change and grow me. Today. Right now. No more excuses. Time to walk the walk and talk the talk 24/7 for me. Time to live my best life to spend an eternity with Jesus. The King of All Kings. The Lion of Judah. The Great I Am. Are you with me?

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