Watch “Way Maker Lyric” on YouTube

I learned this new worship song at church…it ministered to my heart so greatly and so timely reminding me that God always makes a way when it seems impossible for there to be a way. He is the way maker…the miracle worker…that is who He is. So many times when I thought my life was over or I couldn’t see a way out of my circumstances He would always find a way to give me that “parting of the red sea experience” just like he gave the children of Israel. He was there for them and He has always been there for me. Sometimes I have to get to the end of myself and move out of His way so He can show me the way. But He never leaves me alone. He’s always there in the midst of my faith crisis. He always has made a way for me when I could see no way through the pain or difficulty. That’s the beauty of knowing Him and His character. The miracle of who He is…it is the miracle of realizing He is that same God today as He was yesterday…the same God who gave all the miracles to the people in the Bible thousands of years ago. He is still that same miracle worker who spared Daniel from the Lion’s Den…the same God who healed the sick, the lame and the blind…the same God who heals us from the pains of our past…He is The Way Maker the Way to reconcile our lost souls and hearts to Him and Jesus’ forgiveness…the same God yesterday, today and forever. That is who He is hallelujah!… I pray you find some time to remember who He is to you and turn your eyes and heart to worship Him. He is worthy of all our love and praise.

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