We All Are Called…We All Have A Role & A Purpose…

Do you ever ask yourself, What is my purpose? What does God want me to do in my role as His child? Do you question how to use the gifts and talents Jesus has indwelled within you? These are valid questions we find we are often asking of God.

Our lives were completely changed the moment we asked Christ into our hearts. The Bible says the old has passed away and we are made new. We are born again into the image of Christ. Our desires and our old wants have changed. It can be very challenging trying to find what our role, or purpose or our place in service to our Lord should be in our new skin.

Our “role” is completely separate from our purpose in Christ. By this I mean it is our role to serve the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength… that is constant. Jesus saved us to serve and worship Him. That is our forever role as His children.

Our purpose is the means by which He calls us and equips us to walk in those roles. The purpose is the manner we go about serving Him as His children. He is our Lord.

Our role will always be to seek and serve Jesus first. Our purpose, is the calling in which He has gifted us to do that. Some are called the Bible says to be teachers and evangelists or Prophets or Administrators or Caregivers and so on. We all are called and gifted by the Holy Spirit of God for His good works. These are the spiritual gifts He has given us to accomplish His will and purpose in our individual lives for the building up of the body of Christ.

Our “role” to seek and serve Jesus first will never change it remains as our directional compass guiding us while here on this earth. Our purposes in doing His will will be fulfilled in the circumstances, and surroundings He puts within our pathway. Seeing our purpose sometimes can become a bit hazy because of our life adversities or circumstances that we face. It gets hazy as some situations we find ourselves walking in we may have never faced them before. Such as a divorce, or death of a loved one. Sometimes a life change or career move can move us to a new “normal” and we find ourselves questioning what is our purpose now? How do I serve God in the midst of my painful circumstances?

We must be fluid enough to sense the purpose of God within our adversities. This can seem impossible at times. When we’re hurting we may find being sensitive to the Leading of His Spirit is almost impossible to do as our life focus changes. But we can remain hopeful in knowing our “Role in Christ” or our identity in Christ as His children will never change. It always remains ever present always strong within our adversities.

I have served in my role as a christian, as a child of God, while suffering through hardships. My purpose, my calling as a teacher in my spiritual giftedness has flowed from many different veins. I have taught in many genres of service but always in the same purpose of giftedness at work within me. I am called and gifted to teach but I didn’t always stand before a classroom and teach, there have been times when the genre changed and I would sit one on one and share the gospel of God’s love with another person I met along the way. There have been times when the genre became my writing as the avenue of means for my gifts of teaching and exhortation to be used. There have been times while on vacations when I would sense God’s purpose being done in me as I sat on a beach in another teaching genre and shared Christ’s healing with another hurting individual. My role of serving Christ has never changed. My purposes have taken on new methods but my role remains eternal. It is my first and foremost calling to serve Him wherever I am and wherever His path leads me.

My secondary means is my purpose to serve Him by His Spirit and giftedness as I live my life everyday. Minister as you go is accomplishing your purpose in Christ. We don’t have to get trapped up in looking for what God’s will is for our lives if we know that our role is seperate from our purpose. We are all called to love the Lord and serve Him only that is our role.

If we are confident in our role as children of God we find trusting Him with our purpose comes what may. We need not worry what it is we just need to walk in our roles and His purpose will be revealed as we folliw Him.

It’s my responsibility to remain obedient to the disciplines of my spiritual growth, by remaining in The Word and diligent in Prayer everyday. My responsibility to be equipped and prepared and to stay nourished and healthy in my walk with Christ is as vital as my next breath. I must be ready at every corner and every avenue to give an answer to the hope that is within me. I must be ready to serve in my purpose.

It is my role to serve Jesus with my whole being and to share my purpose through the giftedness from God’s love toward others. This is my calling. This is my purpose. This is my reason for living.

No more doubting my role or purpose from this point forward. I will walk boldly by His Grace and Goodness and trusting in His pathway to hope, peace and forgiveness for all.

Wherever He leads me I will go. Wherever I go He will lead me. My purpose will be fulfilled as I take each breath. It happens daily as I seek and serve Him with all of my heart.

Knowing this, believing this and trusting in “my role” as a child of God…it is enough. I need not doubt or question. I can walk by faith knowing He has a plan for my life.. a role and a purposs to do “His Will” …it will happen and it always will be sufficient for the day ahead.

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