I met my sweet friend at a church group about a year ago. The friendship grew stronger as God walked us through a very difficult time in our lives.  I truly believe the Lord placed her in my life to bless me for a season and for such a time as this. We quickly realized how many things we had in common.  When she made the decision to start a new life in Florida, I was happy for her.  If I am keeping it 100,  I was completely envious of her bravery and boldness to branch out to begin her new life so far from home.

Two days before she was scheduled to leave, our bible study group decided to take her out for a surprise going away dinner.  While at this dinner she was expressing her concern about making the long drive alone. She said she wished she had a co-pilot to make this trip with her.  Without hesitation, I said I will be your co-pilot.  Afterall, I have no real responsibilities holding me back from going. I have no one depending on me at home.  So, the decision was made on the spur of the moment, I would become her co-pilot for this new journey. 

So, we set out like the infamous Thelma & Louise for this new great adventure.  She had told me before we left to schedule plenty of extra time to stay with her.  She had rented a beachfront Condo and wanted to share in that blessing with me.  That sounded amazing!  A few weeks on the beach in Florida was just what I needed to recoup from the difficulties of the past year. I soon realized that what initially started out as God using me as her co-pilot to bless her ended up with me being rewarded with a piece of paradise through her by God.

Blessings & rewards come when we need them the most. Proof of this truth for me is that this blog is being written from the blessing of a balcony over-looking the ocean front view at my friends beautiful Condo.  Since we have arrived here, God has revealed Himself to us in so many ways.  We delight in this blessing with the truth we are blessed children of God.  This is not anything of grandeur we have done.  It is simple truth.  Scripture tells us that God blesses us because we acknowledge His existence, and we believe He is a faithful Lord.  Without question, we know He will reward us as we seek after Him…  

 And without faith it is impossible to please God,

because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists

and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him…Hebrews 11:6 NIV

 The reward of our obedience here in Florida is the blessing of  looking out at the amazing artwork of the greatest artist of all time.  Our Magnificent God…The Creator of this expansive universe…formed all the beautiful oceans white with foam…painted all the lavish skies…and was sculptor to the billions of tiny grains of sand that forms our spectacular beaches.  That is the way of our Great Amazing God.  He loves us and He wants to showers His blessings and rewards upon those who love Him.  

Do you love God?  Do you acknowledge His existence?  By faith do you believe in Him?  If you do, then right where you are stop and thank Him for the blessings and rewards in your own life.  If you can’t see them ask Him to reveal them to you. Diligently ask and seek and you will find Him open the door for you.  You don’t need to have a Thelma & Louise adventure to get them.  He loves you so much He will meet you right where you stand!    

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